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DETOX Programs

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Detox Programs - Raw Foods - Living Enzymes - Food for Energy


The fast paced life styles that most of us lead puts a HUGE strain on our bodies. Every day we are exposed to more STRESS, less SLEEP, too little EXERCISE, more CHEMICALS & PESTICIDES, food ADDITIVES and the list goes on.

The body is designed to self Detox & heal itself but EVERY DAY we keep adding MORE toxins & junk food than our body can handle. Our fast paced life style puts TOO MUCH strain on our digestive organs & the body becomes bogged down & fatigued.


If the body is designed to self DETOX....
then why are so many people suffering from toxin related health issues !

  • Your colon & bladder removes toxins when you go to the toilet.
  • Your liver & kidneys help remove toxins from your blood.
  • Sweating helps removes toxins via your skin.
  • Lymphatic glands, appendix & spleen all help detox your body.
  • Crying removes toxins form from grief & stress related issues.

The end result of our fast paced life style is low energy, bloated stomach, immune system & digestive problems that most of us will pass off as ... "just getting OLD"


*Detox Programs @ Phuket Thailand*

How to get back to Good Health !

Better eating habits is the key to good health.
Improved eating habits = cutting down on junk food, processed food & replace it with nutrient dense foods with high DIETRY fiber. (FRESH VEGITABLES & FRUIT)

Some of the health issues that we pass off as "getting old" such as bloating of the stomach, mood swings, lower back pain, low energy, digestive issues & constipation can be resolved simply by adding extra dietary fiber to your diet.

DIETRY fiber is removed @ the mill during the process of making white flour & rice.
Foods that lack DIETARY fiber = white bread, bread rolls, pies & pastries, pizza base, pasta, white rice, junk food, processed breakfast cereals.

The average adult consumes 12 –18 grams of dietary fiber per day, they should be consuming 20 – 40  grams EVERY day.

SPORTS people (marathon runners & endurance tri athletes) can benefit from taking 50 - 70 grams of DIETARY fiber EVERY day, 70+ grams on big training days.

Always drink PLENTY of water with high fiber diets.
If you feel constipated then you need to be drinking MORE water.


DIETARY fiber has 2 VERY important functions in your body.

(1) DETOX with DIETRY fiber... DIETARY fiber absorbs large amounts of H20 (water) & converts into a GEL like substance that passes through your digestive system collecting toxins & un-digested food particles from the small intestines and pushing it all down into the large intestine (the colon) where it waits to be removed from the body as stool (poo).

(2) ... 2nd CHANCE @ DIGESTION
This is where the need for dietary fiber becomes VERY important ! ... Dietary fiber ferments in the large intestines & converts into short-chain fatty acids (usable energy). Much of the undigested food particles that gets trapped with the GEL of the dietary fiber also gets fermented, the EXTRA nutrients & minerals are quickly absorbed into the blood for repair & maintenance of the body. Its like having a second chance at digestion of your food. The increase in energy from the fermentation of the dietary fiber in your colon should be noticeable 2 - 3 hours after digestion.

detox program weight loss camp thailand

If their is insufficient DIETARY fiber in the food you eat then fermentation in the colon will not happen & your digestive system will become over loaded & feel bloated.
With out enough DIETARY fiber in your diet some toxins will be partially reabsorbed into the blood, this over working your liver, kidneys & digestive system.

If your diet is low in DIETARY fiber... as much as 50% of the nutrients & minerals from the food you eat can pass through your body undigested. Evidence of this can be seen in your stool (poo) when you go to the toilet. If you were to have a closer look at what comes out you will see large amounts of undigested food particles such as corn, whole grains, nuts, etc.


LooK for the SIGNS ... LOW DIETARY fiber in your DIET

How often you go to the toilet (poo) each day will give you a VERY good idea about the condition of your colon (your inner health).

If you go to the toilet (poo) ONCE a day...
If you are going to the toilet only once a day then you are constipated and probley dont realise it. Most days you will be feeing like CRAP, low in energy & experiencing, mood swings, bloated stomach and some lower back pain . If this is YOU, then you NEED to DETOX. Start with adding 4 - 6 table spoons of dietary fiber (Psyllium husks) to your diet each day will quickly reverse the effects of constipation & bloated stomach.

If you go to the toilet (Poo) TWICE a day...
If this is you then chances are you are eating a good diet of vegetables, salads & fresh fruits, Your energy levels will be high & you should be feeling VERY fit & healthy. You could still improve your ENERGY levels ALOT more if you were to add some extra dietary fiber to your diet.

If you go to the toilet (poo) 3+ TIMES a day...
If this is you then you will already be feeling GOOD & full of energy.
LIFE is GOOD when you are in this zone ... HUGE energy EVERY day !


Where to find DIETARY FIBER

Dietary fiber is found in ALL vegetables. Foods highest in dietary fiber are lentils, peas, beans, oats, rye, barley, chia seed, quinoa grains, prunes, plums, berries, bananas, apples, pears, broccoli, artichokes, sweet potatoes, onions & garlic.

An easy way to add more dietary fiber in your diet is to add 1 TABLE spoon of Psyllium husks to your food or drink 5 times EVERY day. ONE table spoon of Psyllium husks = approx 10 grams of DIETARY fiber.

Psyllium husks can be added to soups, breakfast cereals, yogurt, fruit juices, green smoothies, protein drinks, gym water, mashed potatoes, etc.

BEFORE going to SLEEP ... DRINK 1 table spoon of Psyllium husks mixed with a large glass of water, You can drop in a Berocca tablet or vitamin C tablet for flavour and extra minerals. You might fart a little bit intill your body get use to the extra fiber in your diet. You should awake in the morning with HIGHER than usual energy levels and a strong desire to go to the toilet.



Start by reducing the WORK LOAD on your DiGESTIVE System.

2 days (48 hours) with OUT EATING ANY solid food and you will start to experience a HUGE increase in energy. This is because your digestive system is no longer bogged down & burdened by the consent task of digesting nutrient depleted food. Once you have removed the work load from your digestive system you will be rewarded by a HUGE increase in your energy levels.

To control your hunger during your 2 days of NO eating & to help reduce the size of your stomach we use CHIA seeds. When mixed with water the DIETARY fiber in CHIA seed forms like a jelly in your stomach, it will give you the same satisfied feeling as having eaten a meal + the bonus of all the fermenting nutrients & minerals slowly adsorbing into your blood..

chia seed phuket bangkok thailand

As the CHIA seeds germinate they absorb 10x their weight in water. The water is quick to penetrate & soften the shell of the CHIA seed and when eaten the germinating CHIA seeds slow release LARGE AMOUNTs of dietary fiber, electrolytes, proteins & omega 3 oil into your digestive system.

CHIA seeds are VERY popular with ultra marathon runners & Tri athletes. CHIA seeds keep your body hydrated & electrolytes balanced during exercise. CHIA seeds prolong the onset of fatigue (the wall). When used during exercise CHIA seeds can make the difference between gassing out after 2 hours or going well into the 3rd & 4th hour before fatigue starts to effect your energy levels.

Electrolytes = what you sweat out during exercise.... magnesium, sodium, iron, calcium, potassium. It is the large amounts of omega 3 & protein in the CHIA seed that gives your body the fuel & energy to push harder for longer periods.

Nutrient comparison of CHIA seeds Vs other healthy Foods
morlife chia seeds phuket thailand detox camp

When you are feeling hungry or 10 minutes BEFORE you plan to eat food ..., drink a glass of water mixed with 1 or 2 table spoons of CHIA seed. The dietary fiber in the CHIA seed will form a liquid gel in your stomach and give you a lasting feeling of being full & no longer hungry. Their is no limit to how much CHIA seed someone can take in a day.

5 - 10 TABLE spoons of CHIA seed taken during a 24 hour period is enough to keep most people content during a fasting / detoxing period.

IMPROVING the Nutrition of CHIA seeds
The longer you soak CHIA seeds the more nutritious they become. 12 hours after soaking CHIA seeds in water the nutrient content of the germinating CHIA seed will increase by up to 300 %.

Chia seeds will germinate much faster in warmer climates where tempature's average 30+c / 86F). You can slow down the germination process of the CHIA seed by putting them in the fridge to simulate a colder climate. Germinating Chia seeds will keep good in the fridge for up to 5 - 7 days, after 7 days of germination they turn into highly nutritious micro GREENs (similar to alf alfa sprouts), Perfect to add in salads & GREEN smoothies.

morlife chia seeds detox camp thailand
Morlife Chia seed ^ 1kg packet.
Available @ MASTER TODDYS muaythai camp


*Detox Programs @ Phuket Thailand*

RAW FOODS ...101

High Enzymes Food - Living Food - Raw Food


Its ALL about what YOU eat !

Vegetarians & health buffs get much of their protein & nutrients from seeds & nuts but what many people don't realize is that you need to germinate them to increase & release the nutrients so your body can digest the content of the germinating seeds..

A seed is designed by nature to pass through the digestive system intact.
A seed can lay dormant for 5+ years waiting for the right conditions before its ready to germinate. When the germination process of the seed begins, the seed becomes a hive of ENZYME activity. It is these ENZYMES the are the building blocks of LIFE & the same ENZYMES that is missing from the modern day diet of fast food, processed food & frozen foods.

germinated mung bean sprouts raw living food enzymes detox thailand
A Germinating seed has ALL the nutrients required to generate life.
Seeds, grains, nuts & even brown rice rice can all be germinated to stimulate enzyme activity & increase the nutrient content of the seed by 300 - 1000 %.

Germinated seeds & grains are amongst the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Adding small amounts of germinated seeds & grains to your diet each day will add a HUGE amount of quality FRESH ENZYMES, protein, amino acids, minerals + vitamins to your diet.

When you GERMINATE grains ... The process is called malting.
Once the germination process begins the enzyme inhibitors that keep the seed dormant are removed & the starch in the seed begins to convert to malt sugar.

You have now created an organic fuel capsule full of ALL the nutrition required to stimulate life. The first 24 hours of germination is when the seed contains the most nutrition and the best time for you to eat it.
Other foods that can be germinated ... nuts, beans, seeds, grains, brown rice.


*Detox Programs @ Phuket Thailand*

Detoxing with Bentonite Clay

Hydrated Bentonite clay is a natural clay which comes from volcanic ash.
Bentonite clay attracts, neutralizes & absorbs poisons / toxins from the intestinal tract, It helps eliminate parasites, food allergies, addictive chemical residue from cigarette smoking & drugs.

Studies show that the use of Bentonite clay ( volcanic ash) was used as far back as Indian tribes of south America, tribes in Central Africa and also the aborigine people of Australia used clay for medicinal purpose.

Bentonite clay absorbs chemical residue, heavy metals as well as bacteria from viruses, toxins & parasites. According to the Canadian Journal of Microbiology, Bentonite clay can absorb pathogenic viruses, toxins, pesticides and herbicides including Roundup.

Bentonite clay is commonly used by the Emergency services & oil companies to clean up toxic & chemical residue from oil rigs & accidents sites.

Bentonite clay is often used in health spas as a mud wrap treatment to cleanse the skin of toxins.



Detox Bath (1/2 day program)

Your skin is the largest organ in your body.
Deep cleansing of your skin will help remove toxin residue caused from carbon monoxide fumes, aerosol pollutants, insect repellents, sun blocks, etc.

Bathing for 20 - 30 minutes in a HOT bath mixed with Bentonite clay, magnesium sulfate & bicarbonate soda removes TOXINS from your skin.

After soaking in the detox bath you will feel totally drained and have a STRONG desire to sleep. When you awake up you will feel like you have just rebooted your system (similar to rebooting your computer), You will feel recharged & notice a HUGE increase in energy & a VERY relaxed feeling mentally & physically. Your skin will feel soft & smooth. The Detox Bath is recommended for people that get stressed easily or those that are having trouble sleeping.

The cost of the Detox bath = 1,600 Thai Baht ($40 )
Included in the price is a 2 HOUR mixed Thai massage + FRESH Ginger & honey tea to sip on while you relax in the detox bath.

Take Note: Air travel is VERY taxing on your body. Sitting on an international flight for 10 - 20 hours breathing in dirty filtered air + eating nutrition depleted airport food can leave skin feeling dry & your body low in energy & venerable to flu type symptoms. The detox bath on your 1st day in Thailand is the PERFECT way to speed up recovery from the effects of jet lag & to give your body a HUGE energy boost.


Read more about Detox Bath using Bentonite Clay



Full body DETOX ... (7 - 10 days)

During the 7 - 10 day DETOX program you consume NO food.
After 48 hours with NO FOOD your body becomes free from the burden of digestion and you energy levels begin to reach new highs.

The 7 - 10 day DETOX program starts with a PRE fast.
PRE fast = Reduced food intake for 3 - 5 days. No animal products (chicken, beef, fish, milk, cheese) no coffee or alcohol, your diet for 3 - 5 days should consist of only FRESH fruit & vegetables (salad's / Green smoothies).

The PRE fast empties the intestines of heavy foods that are slow to break down. After 3 - 5 days of (pre fasting) & eating only fresh fruit & salads you will be ready to start your detox program.

Starting @ 7 am every day ...
you are given a drink of Bentonite clay & psyllium husks mixed with water. As the bentonite clay & psyllium husks travels through your digestive system it pick ups & removes toxic residue and continues its journey through your intestines & colon. We speed up the process of removing toxic waste from your body by doing a colema flush twice a day.

The colon flush is similar to an edema but its penetrates much deeper into your colon. Your colon is flushed with a cleansing solution for approx 20 - 30 minutes twice a day. We continue this process for 7 - 10 days.

DETOXING can provide relief for many modern day illnesses such as chronic body fatigue, headaches, sinus, & allergies, hemorrhoids, obesity, digestive difficulties, leaky gut syndrome, back pain, muscle aches, poor memory, stress related issues, addictive habits such as smoking cigarettes, drugs, etc. Most People that complete the 7 - 10 day Detox program will experience an average weight loss of .5 - 1kg a day.

Its recommended that you start on the 7 day DETOX program & towards the end of your 7 days you can decide if you want to continue detoxing for ... 10 - 21 days.


Fitness Training during the Detox Program
It is VERY beneficial to do some basic exercise while you are on the Detox program.
Yoga, stretching, shadow boxing, light Cardio work outs & power walks are highly recommended every day during the detox program. Light training while you are detoxing will help loosen up the toxins in your body. Each time you do your morning & afternoon colon cleans you are removing the toxins that your body has stirred up during exercise.

3 - 4 days into the detox program you will start to experience extreme HIGHS of energy, the high's you experience are the result of a reduction of toxins in your body.


*Detox Programs @ Phuket Thailand*

The End Result of the Detox Program

After you have completed the Detox program you should notice the following improvements in your body...

  • Decrease in bloating of the Stomach
  • Decreased craving for smoking
  • Reduced body fat
  • Decreased wind / gas
  • Improved digestion
  • Balancing of mood swings
  • Decrease in heart burn and indigestion
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearer and sharper mind
  • Skin improvements (pimples, dermatitis, skin allergies)
  • Decrease in food cravings
  • Improvement of Candia and IBS symptoms
  • Improved Energy levels
  • Decrease in food sensitivities and intolerance's
  • Decrease in allergies
  • Relief from Hemorrhoids
  • Increased hair luster
  • Weight loss & improved skin texture (reduction in wrinkles)
  • Increase in sexual desire

Early indicators of WHEN to DETOX your body = skin disorders, coated tongue (Fury tongue), bad breath, strong body odor, headaches, constipation, bloating belly, poor appetite, stiff joints (especially knees), lethargy, muscle ache, mood swings and irritability, hemorrhoids, hypertension, craving for sweet foods, dependency of drugs, .


7 days - FULL FAST Detox Program = 38,500 Thai baht
Full Fast = NO Eating for 7 days) - 7 day colon detox program
Discounted price for students @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp = 32,725 Thai Baht


10 days - FULL FAST Detox Program = 52,250 Thai Baht
Full Fast = NO Eating for 10 days) - 10 day colon detox program
Discounted price for students @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp = 44,250 Thai Baht


Detox Programs are done @ Atsumi Detoxing Center

Atsumi Detox Center is located 5km / 3 miles from Phromthep Muay Thai Camp. Mountain bikes (available @ the GYM) are the recommended form of travel, mo peds & local taxis are also easy to organize. Students training @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp receive a 15% discount on the DETOX programs @ Atsumi Detoxing Center


See Photos before & after the Detox Photos

*Detox Programs @ Phuket Thailand*

How to lose the fat

You will need to strip of the years of food abuse !

Avoid .... ALL junk food, processed foods, sweets, dairy products, processed breakfast cereals such as cornflakes, weetbix, fruit loops, coco pops. Drink lots of room temperature WATER (coffee in moderation ) NO soft drinks, NO pre packaged fruit Juices, NO sports recovery drinks.

An OVER weight person can easily lose 10+ kg of unwanted flab / love handles in less than a month by exercising 3 + hours each day & sticking to the Green Smoothie diet.

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp offers the PERFECT environment to HELP keep you focused on your weight loss goals.


AFTER the DETOX program

Your body will continue to BUZZ with ENERGY for as long as you stay eating quality RAW Foods & vegetables. When you next eat nutrient depleted food (junk food) your body will leave you feeling bloated & low in energy & sleepy.

AFTER the DETOX program .... Our VEGAN GREEN smoothie's are a PERFECT way for you to strip down the years of food abuse from your body.
green smoothie vegan food high energy fuel cleanse

We replace most of your cooked food with HIGH energy liquid food (The GREEN smoothie) + we put you on an exercise program of 3 - 4 hours of fitness training each day to help your body burn fat during exercise.

To get the best results you should exercise 3 - 4 times each day.
(1 - 2 hours @ each training session ) Smaller training sessions more frequently keeps your metabolism burning off your fat all day !

6am Morning run / Sun rise Power walk on the beach (1 hour)
10 am Swimming laps ( 30 minutes - 1 hour)
2 pm Personal training session @ the GYM (1 - 2 hours)
5pm Cycling / weight training / yoga / sunset walk on the beach. (1 hour)

One or two hours of personal training with our Thai trainers each day will push your fitness levels to the MAX and ensure your sweating off enough calories to burn the fat from your body.

During my 11+ years of promoting weight loss training & detox programs, the people that have lost the most weight are the ones that have mixed up their training with other activities such as swimming, cycling, kayaking, running, weight training, yoga, Thai boxing, body surfing, walking on @ the beach.


Bottle of Green Smoothie = *100 Thai Baht (per 250 ml)
ONE x 250 ml bottle of Green smoothie = 1 x meal replacement.
Most students that are on the Green smoothie diet average 3 - 4 bottles of Green smoothie's + 5 - 10 table spoons of hydrated CHIA seeds each day.

All of the sporting activates mentioned above are available @ MASTER TODDYS



Reducing Food & Cigarettes cravings during your DETOX Program .

THE TOUNGE is like a sponge that harbors ALOT of bacteria, food particles & even chemical residue from smoking cigarettes. The brain can taste the food partials on your tongue and tells your stomach that food is on its way (FOOD CRAVINGS).

Food particles that get stuck in the grooves of your tongue & produce a sulfur smell as the food particles decompose in your mouth. The result = BAD breath.

SCRAPE your tongue EVERY day, BEFORE & AFTER brushing your teeth + any time you get cravings to eat food or smoke cigarettes. When you Scrape the gunk off your tongue food cravings will diminish .

Tooth brushing, mouth washes & mints do NOTHING to remove the white gunk on the tongue the causes bad breath. Tongue cleaning is the most effective way of combating bad breath & removing the bacteria on the tongue.

Tongue cleaning will greatly help remove cravings for smoking cigarettes.

tounge cleaning remove bad breath detox
HOW to clean the tongue...
From as far back on the tongue as possible scrape forwards towards to the front of your tongue, the discolored gunk that scrapes off your tongue will be clearly seen. Keep scraping your tongue intill what comes off is clear in colour. You will gag a bit at first but the more you do it the better your technique will be and with in a few days you will have it mastered & gagging will not happen so much.

stainless steel tounge cleaner bad breath
Their are many new gimmicks on the market to help clean the tongue. Stainless steel is best to use as its more hygienic than plastic and it moulds itself around the tongue to create a better cleaning effect that removes much more bacteria during the scraping process compared to brushing your tongue with a tooth brush.

Dr TUNGs Stainless steel tongue cleaner is available for sale at our GYM shop @ PHROMTHEP muaythai camp.


*Detox Programs @ Phuket Thailand*

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